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Ganci clothing company was establish with the needs of our customer, we help each other to move forward for these years and got good results for both of us. We began it becaause of the client they can’t find the suitable factory to support their products, as they covered a wide range of garments such as coats, jakcet, hoody, tees, sweater, jogging pants, shorts, cargo pants, cardigan, and so on, and with a large techniques ( print includes screen print, digital print, velvet print, puff print, silicone print, 3D embossing, sublimation.

EMB includes 3D EMB, towel EMB, patch EMB, toothbrush EMB, applique, wash in garment wash, fabric dye, garment dye, fried dye, tie dye, acid wash, stone wash, sand wash, dirty wash, bleach wash, grinding wash, overdye, bleach, painting, and Rhinestone and so on....... At this kind of situation, we decided to open a factory to make full supports for him, as the products in wide range, in order to keep the quality well, we hired the workers all are with more than 20years in clothing skills, plus, we have the advantage for other supplies such as meterial sourcing, prints, EMB, wash and so on. Most of products can finish within the town.

How to make the foam print in the t-shirt
Our factory can make different styles.1
The advantages of choosing an OEM

It’s a pleasure to share infomation on this platform. Our factory can make different styles, in different fabric included woven and knit With various technician like EMB and print and wash. So far, we have served for brand SHEIKE, PROFOUND, INGOLD WE TRUST, THRILLS, WORSHIP, BALIS, JOUCOS, PROFESSOR E and so on. Good professional services and warranty is provided. Low MOQ for espicial styles and NO MOQ for common products. We hope to have an opportunity help more and more clients which are need one stop cusutomizaton for the clothing to become stronger in the future.


For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.