How to make the foam print in the t-shirt?

Printing is the core component of T-shirt customization , if you want to T-shirt printing firm, do not fade, do not fall off, you have to find a professional custom manufacturer.

Today, we will give you science under the T-shirt printing process of suede foam.

Process principle:

Suede foam is a special printing material that expands at high temperatures and has a soft and fluffy effect similar to that of imitation fur.

How to make the foam print in the t-shirt

On the basis of foam printing, the printing has the effect of imitation fur, the soft feel makes the environmental protection people who like fur love it, mainly using the slurry to form bubbles when heated, and foam printing is also known as three-dimensional printing, which is a printing process with special effects. After the resin coating paste containing foaming agent is printed on the fabric, it is steamed at high temperature, and the printed pattern will bubble up, making the surface concave and convex, and the visual effect of suede.

Foaming three-dimensional printing refers to adding foaming agent plastic resin to the printing paste, after melting and drying at high temperature, the foaming agent decomposes, and the printing paste expands to form a three-dimensional pattern when the gas is released, and the paint is fixed with the resin to obtain the three-dimensional effect of coloring and foaming.     According to the process, one is to print the foam directly, the other is to blow dry the foam after printing and then use the elastic transparent paste to imprint on the foam and blow dry, and the high temperature foam molding. Foaming temperature is generally 110C, time 30 seconds, printing selection of 80-100 mesh screen.

The foam printing process is developed on the basis of the glue printing process, its principle is to add a certain proportion of high expansion coefficient of chemical substances in the glue printing dye, the printing position after drying with 200-300 degrees of high temperature foaming, to achieve a similar “relief” three-dimensional effect, foam printing process according to the requirements of the substrate to do high, medium and low foaming effect is very eye-catching.     The biggest advantage of the foam printing process is that the three-dimensional sense is very strong, and the printing surface is prominent and expanded. Widely used in cotton, nylon cloth and other materials.

Foamed printing paste has been developed into physical foamed paste and chemical foamed paste two series, physical foamed paste is mainly containing microcapsules preparation, in the microcapsule preparation there is a low boiling point of organic solvent, when the temperature rises, the organic solvent in the microcapsule preparation quickly gasification, the microcapsule swelling, swollen microcapsule extrusion each other, resulting in irregular overlapping distribution, so the surface uneven, Therefore, it is also called raised printing. fashion manufacturing in china

There are two types of chemical foam pulp:

One is a color paste composed of thermoplastic resin and blowing agent, and the other is a color paste composed of polyurethane and solvent thickener.     However, the solvent in the printing paste on the latter fabric should be recovered, which brings a certain difficulty to the printing factory, and the former is generally used.

Suede foam printing process features:

(1) The printing effect is more three-dimensional and the texture is more comfortable;

(2) printing is more wear-resistant and water-resistant;

(3) the printing is more delicate and the texture is clearer;

(4) Printing is more washable, not easy to fade, and more durable.

Suede foam printing process application scope:

Suede foaming process is commonly used for T-shirt, hoodie, baseball uniform customization.     In T club custom T-shirt, you can have a variety of styles of clothing to choose from, so that your T-shirt is more unique and personalized;     The use of environmentally friendly materials, bring comfortable wearing experience;     Using exquisite technology, the sweater is more durable;     Affordable, cost-effective.

Post time: Apr-29-2024